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we finally launched the animal fantasy action game X-WOLF combined with high-tech weapons, magical and supernatural skills. 1GAMES, specialized in making animal games launched this X-WOLF celebrating the total amounts of downloading 10million in wolf online. which is consistently doing well up to now since its launch nearly 3 years ago.

X-WOLF game is the powerful and supernatural warrior genes-linked with human and wolves. They are fight against the alien beings that attacks an earth and explore the new settlement in the space. you can choose your warrior in the 3Feds with Mountain, Snow and Wild and fight against the alien beings and survive from the competition of the other species.

One of the most attractive function in this game is possibility of adding the turret on the character and shooting the bullets, missile and laser. Specially, because of the floc properties of the wolves nature, X-WOLF can provide an attractive game style by using the function of the summon to call your species or connecting the species at short distance with electrical ring to get a more powerful combat ability.

Besides, 10 kinds of the open world area with an alien planet, 50 kinds of diverse alien monster and party function for combating each other in the form of dungeon can make X-WOLF more fun.

Here is info page (with video and screenshots): https://www.facebook.com/XWolfGame

Game Video

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For Media Contact:
Company: X-WOLF Game
Email: help@playonegames.com
Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hanaGames.xWolf

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