23, October 2017: “Ireland Boosters” company offers high-quality mobile phone signal boosters in Ireland. This company who is serving Ireland has given their customers a five-bar signal guarantee. Hence, people in Ireland can start enjoying their life without experiencing dropped calls. In addition to that, the company is also offering a free shipping in the country.

As of present, the company has already served more than 8,700 customers all over the country. The customers that they have served from the moment that the company has been established back in 2006 until today are not only limited to business, home and vehicle owner. These customers were able to enjoy all the benefits that having a mobile phone signal booster offers.

The company is offering a wide range of products. In fact, they have ones that are suitable for hotels, offices, homes, boats and even cars. In addition to that, each one of their signal booster has a different coverage. They have ones that can cover an area as small as 150 sq. to an area as big as 1000 sq. Mobile signal boosters that they are offering came from the company’s reputable partners including Vodafone, Three and Meteor. Hence, the customer is given the chance to choose the provider that they trust and the provider that they are comfortable with.

The main goal of “Ireland boosters” for offering phone signal booster to the residents of Ireland is to solve the problem in terms of communication. The company is aware of the fact that the wireless mobile network is still the most widely used communication means not only in the country but in the whole world as well. According to the company, they have noticed that the most common problem that mobile users have is the lack of signal or poor signal in their area. Hence, the company has been established.

All signal bands are covered by the company’s signal boosters and some of them can also cover multiple signal bands. With that, their customers would never be disconnected from the world. The “Ireland Boosters” company also gives their customers an assurance that all of their products have been certified by the regulatory authorities and are 100% authentic. It is also backed by a money back guarantee.

For Media Contact:
Company: Ireland Boosters
Address: Harcourt Centre, Harcourt Rd,
Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone: +35 319 079 518
Email: info@irelandboosters.com
Website: https://www.irelandboosters.com/

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