Home Press Release Colorado Springs after Hours Urgent Care Center Wins 3 Best Rated Urgent Care Clinics Award

Colorado Springs after Hours Urgent Care Center Wins 3 Best Rated Urgent Care Clinics Award

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Colorado Springs, CO (July 07, 2018) – After hours urgency centers are becoming a major source of high quality and low cost medical care. Thanks to their dedication to providing the best emergency medical care possible and their efforts in attending to the needs of the patients when they need care – late into the evening and on weekends if needed.

As recognition of their care and concern for the wellbeing of their patients, ER Specialists Urgency Center has now won the 3 Best Rated Urgent Care Clinics Award. As one of The best urgent care Clinics in Colorado Springs, ER Specialists Urgency Center is extremely pleased to have received this award for the dedication and hard work they have been providing towards superior patient care. They are proud and humbled to have been chosen from the many urgent care centers in Colorado Springs as one of the three best urgent care clinics in this region.

ER Specialists Urgency Center’s Dr. Julie Marmon says “I thank our many patients, who have placed their trust in us and who have helped us become a better emergency care facility by making possible this award”.

One of the many patients, who benefited from this after hours Colorado Springs urgency center is extremely happy about the incredible medical care she got from the entire staff.

Alicia T. “I have been to ER Specialists Urgency Center twice now. Both times I have been incredibly pleased with my care. The whole staff is friendly and works to get you back into a room quickly and seen by one of the doctors ASAP. I have never had to wait long as you would in an ER or regular Urgent Care, and the doctors have been very thorough. They really listened to my concerns and took great care of me. A huge bonus is that the center has most everything an ER has, but they charge as an Urgent Care, so no fights with insurance. I’m thrilled to have ER Specialists Urgency Center down the street from me, and I will definitely continue using them!”

The doctors at the urgency center carefully listen to the concerns of the patients and take effective care of every patient. The unique feature about this urgency center is that they can treat almost everything that an emergency room can, and charge low prices like other urgent care centers.

From the ER Specialists Urgency Center great reviews, their service to the patients is clearly visible. Patients are highly pleased with the kind of service they got from the center, the no-wait times and the convenient walk-in, no-appointment necessary policy. ER Specialists Urgency center is open 7 days a week, with late evening hours for patient convenience.

The urgency center has a welcoming reception area with front-desk staff ready to assist the visiting patients. As soon as a patient reaches the center, there will be a rapid evaluation by the board-certified emergency physicians in a private exam room.

Also, with in-house lab, CT Scan and X-ray facilities readily available, test results can be provided within minutes. In addition to compassion and kindness, the low prices also make this urgency center the best. The center has spacious, clean and modern medical facilities.

About ER Specialists Urgency Center:

ER Specialists Urgency Center is an urgent care healthcare clinic that is owned and run by Emergency Room physicians. The goal of this medical service provider is to provide the best medical care at the lowest prices possible, while providing convenient hours to see a doctor. The center strives to provide comprehensive, top-quality and affordable medical care not just for illnesses, but also for injuries.

For more information, please visit https://erspecialistsuc.com/

Media Contact:
ER Specialists Urgency Center
4194 Royal Pine Dr
Ste 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 522-2727


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