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On the 28th August 2017, the Times ran a disturbing article with the headline, ‘Christian child forced into Muslim foster care’. This seemed to cast doubt in the ability of Muslims to foster care, and cast fear into Muslim foster carers and would-be carers across the country. The IPSO upheld a complaint against the paper, and our concern has been how to ensure a return of focus on improving life chances for children in foster care.

The Muslim Foster Network believes that Muslims are just as able to provide warm, loving and caring foster homes, as anyone else in society. We are committed to working with the community to better engage local authorities and social services in meeting the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in Britain today. Working with our partners the Better Communities Business Network, we launched the Muslim Foster Project to build relationships with Muslim carers and support non-Muslim carers better understand the needs of Muslim children.

In recognition of the excellent work undertaken the project was highlighted in an official joint Home Office and Department of Education Safeguarding Strategy for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children published in November 2017.

“We will work with the Muslim Fostering Project and The Fostering Network to promote evidence-based resources on recruiting new Muslim carers.”

On the 10th of May at 11 am, we will be showcasing our work and highlighting the risks and benefits of cross-cultural placements at the London Central Mosque in Regents Park and would welcome your attendance.

For further information on how you can stay involved in fostering please visit our website:
Tel: 01274 722381

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