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Branding Strategy: Learn Tips & Secrets from the Pros


What is the difference between Clorox household bleach and a generic brand of household bleach? The price is one obvious difference. On average a gallon of the branded Clorox bleach is $3.97. Its generic competitor is about $1.55. What do you think makes intelligent shoppers choose a brand over a generic version? In a nutshell – a branding strategy.   …

Graphic designing for effective results


If you have always been unhappy about the way your visual communication is done, then this may be because of the communication between you and your graphic designer. It is extremely important to brief your designer about what exactly are you looking at. Believe me your graphic designer is going to thank you and you will also get the desired …

Five Graphic Design Trends For 2017


The art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books is known as Graphic design. Graphic Design world is ever evolving and we see trends fade away in months and others stay there for years. As we go forward, we research and uncover some future graphic design trends by speaking to our designers who work with …

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