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The Care Training Company Announces New Training Programs For Healthcare Staffs

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Stoke on Trent, UK; 26, October 2017: In the field of medical technology, new devices, new procedures and new therapies are being introduced on a regular basis. This stresses upon the training and knowledge enhancement of the healthcare staffs in a periodic manner. The Care Training Company brings different types of training programs for the healthcare staff that can be completed both online and one-to-one interactive manners.

Speaking about their training programs, the spokesperson reveals that they are now offering the cannulation course for healthcare staff to get the practical knowledge and competence about IV Cannulation. They also help staff to develop the most challenging skills in the area of Venepuncture Training. The candidates will be provided with the theoretical knowledge as well as practical training about the venepuncture process by expert healthcare professionals. The Venepuncture Training is aimed at developing the right skills to puncture the vein of a patient when needed.

The training provider also offers the perfect Epilepsy Training to all care staffs who are responsible to care and support epilepsy sufferers. The spokesperson reveals that they provide comprehensive training programs that cover every aspect of patient care and treatment. They deliver the PEG Feeding Training face to face, allowing staff to learn the practical aspects of the Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy. The PEG Feeding Training enables staff to learn the ways to directly provide nutrition or medication to a patient’s stomach.

The Tracheostomy Training is another advanced and critical training that The Care Training Company offers to the healthcare staff. Under this training, a candidate learns about creating an opening in the neck of a patient safely and under strict clinical supervision. They also offer the Catheter Care Training that covers the both male and female anatomy to serve patients who are bound to live with the urinary catheters.

Besides a wide range of training programs for healthcare staffs, they also offer the Health Care Train the Trainer courses with an objective of developing a team of trainers to keep offering essential training to the workforce engaged in a healthcare facility. To learn more about their training programs, one can visit the website https://www.thecaretrainingcompany.com.

About The Care Training Company:

The company provides training that is affordable to customers. The training programs are flexible, offering a range of training options to the business needs, budget and individual learning styles. They are a reliable training provider and have built up a customer base that would also be happy to recommend their name to others.

For Media Contact:
Telephone: 01782 903218
Email: info@thecaretrainingcompany.com
Website: https://www.thecaretrainingcompany.com

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