Denver, USA; 01, September 2017: Denver based female entrepreneur and independent consultant, Lynn, is the brain behind Buy The Block. One of few real estate investment firms in the country that is passionately committed to making it easier to own property and manage portfolio online.

Following the success of their crowdfunding campaign where loads of people united to contribute and support this enviable movement financially, Buy The Block is presently on track towards achieving millions of dollars in funding for development projects across several communities in the US.

What this implies is that; Buy The Block is indeed the next step for every American who is truly desirous of fulfilling those dreams of becoming a better real estate investor or owner. The reasons for this are not farfetched.

The firm provides a platform that allows groups and individuals to pool funds, share knowledge, vote on property to invest and effectively manage investments. Furthermore, through the creation of a personalized portal for each investor, Buy The Block has made it extremely easy for everyone to be able to manage their portfolio online, and without hassles.

Irrespective of the construction model, whether it is medical, religious, residential, retail, or pre-engineered building construction, they can manage it from concept to end. It’s therefore not a surprise that their database of real estate investors is growing in leaps and bounds on a daily basis.

Unlike other firms who only front as mediators through the provision of technology to execute funding for outsourced deals, they are here to change and revolutionize the face of the crowd funding industry in US for good.

“Having the competence to take on bigger development projects and contracts through the help of our in-house block developers rep and by committing to vet every project, we intend to empower all members of Buy The Block to start investing, have fun, build wealth, as well as create the neighborhoods that they want to live in” said Lynn.

She added; “We have got the map and plan of what works, and it is producing amazing results. We are on a mission to lead the way by making it easier to own property. Don’t be left out. Let’s collectively put an end to gentrification. Sign up at Buy The Block now.”

For more information about Lynn Da or Buy The Block, visit

For Media Contact:
Buy The Block
Name: Lynn
Position: Founder
Location: Denver
Tel: 513.299.7941

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