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Adhang Introduces the Easy and Fast Way to Promote an Event in Nigeria

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Promoting an event in Nigeria is a little bit hard to do. Adhang is coming to help event organizer to promote their events effectively.

More and more people are curious about Africa, especially Nigeria. It seems that they want to enjoy something that makes them happy. This is the reason why there are several events held in Nigeria today. At the same time, the events need to be promoted effectively so people around the world notify it. There is an important role of event advertising agency in Nigeria. Adhang is one of the trusted event advertising in Nigeria. This event advertiser knows the importance of the internet to spread and promote events in Africa to the world.


Along with over ten years of experience, and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa, Adhang helps event organizers/business owner to promote their events hardly. The focus is to make people across Africa and even worldwide notify the event. As the result, they will set their schedule and come to enjoy the event. Interestingly, the service is not using an ordinary promotion, but the promotion is developed with the best strategy for a maximal result. One of the strategies is by letting people know about the event as detail as it can. By reading the promotion from Adhang, people are able to know the detail of the venue, the way to become a participant, gate fee categories, the way to get the event’s ticket, and many more. The purpose is to make people understand about the event and the way they have to do to attend the event. Indeed, Adhang wants to become a partner for those who want to promote any kind of events including the upcoming event marketing in Nigeria.


Music is always successfully attracting people or tourists to come. This is the chance for music concert event organizers to organize a great concert to attract more people to come to Nigeria. The problem is that creating a huge music concert is not an easy matter to do. Due to this problem, Adhang is trying to be a solution for event organizers to get bigger and better concert event promotion in Nigeria. By using better and bigger promotion, it hopes that people across Africa and worldwide will come to the concert. As the result, people are not only able to enjoy the event but also explore Africa or Nigeria deeper. The service tries to serve their clients maximally with an easy and fast process. As long as they got the detail of the event, the best promotion will be set up right away and ready to share with the public.


About Adhang:

Adhang is an event advertising company in Africa. The main service is to promote any kind of events in Africa along with the best advertising strategy.


For more information, please visit: www.adhang.com


Media Contact

Organization: AdHang

Name: Buchi

Email: pro@adhang.com

Website: https://www.adhang.com

Office: Office: D 07 Century mall, St.Patrick’s junction, Ojo Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria.

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